Was all that fighting for nothing?

Trouble you don’t know trouble….. You think getting caught wit a gun or weed getting u in trouble!!!!! Try getting killed for opening your mouth out of turn…..10 whips for being caught speaking educated.. 5 whips for speaking your mind you talking bout some fucking trouble…you having baby’s by all these different ppl and u think that’s Wassup well try having your seed claimed before its even planted try wishing for a better life for your child and the white mans wish beat your by a landslide and u wanna shake ya ass will trying having that ass passed to one slave owner to another wake up yall death been knocking at our doors and know its off the hinges!! I’m who I am because of words prayed by my ancestors!


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The Four Letter Word We Say And Why We Should Drop It


I wish I could have talked to this author very gifted mind!!! I learned a lot from this blog/blogger because I’m guilty of saying that 4 letter word wayyyy too often

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I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a swear word but it should be. This four letter word has so many different meanings that it literally means something different to each person we meet. It has different contexts when used at work, in friendships, family, dating and long term relationships. This also goes along with what I said in What Really Ends Any Relationship about communication.

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Straight love? Gay love? Baby, it’s all love.


Would love ppl opinions on this I love this blog for so many reasons!! Thanks for sharing this ma

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“Sometimes boys like boys, yuck!” my five-year-old son exclaimed out of the blue as we drove away from his school.

“What’s bad about that?” I asked.

“Sometimes it’s … like you and Daddy love each other! Like that!”

“Who told you that’s yucky?” It wasn’t me or his dad, who have discussed sexuality with him for the same reason we talk about race. We would much rather he learn from us than from strangers or little ones taught to fear and even hate what is unfamiliar.

He named a classmate, as I’d suspected he might. I told him I disagreed and explained why.

We’ve had the same conversation a couple of times since, with me wishing I could do more to counter playground instruction than continuously speechifying* at him.

Today my family took an impromptu trip to Disneyland. We walked in behind a large group of men in red shirts…

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Street Lit: Is That All Black Authors Can Write?

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My God this is a very intelligent woman! Seems like she took a page from my mind! I remember when I first started being interested in books and I hate to say it…..but a street novel peeked my lil interest im grateful that SHEISTY jumped started me into me wanting to read maybe it was how I was living at the time that made me identify with the book. As I grew I got tired of the dope boy story’s the cheating slutty girlfriend or the lost gang member that got a hurt and want to fall in love those story didn’t move me no more I wanted something more realistic do anybody feel me or Nah???

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I was on my way to Wendy’s to pick up my brother, when I took a detour to Walmart to do a little shopping. Since I had about an hour to spare, browsing the shelves in Walmart sounded like a better option than wasting gas sitting in the Wendy’s parking lot waiting for my brother, or worse, going inside to buy something not on my diet.

While in Walmart, I ventured to the tiny book section next to the electronics department. I hadn’t read a really good book in quite some time, so I decided to browse around, see if I could find something that would spark my interest. As I trekked down the aisle, picking up various books, looking at the covers, reading the synopsis on the back, flipping through the pages, and returning them to the shelf, I found myself standing in front of the tiny African American…

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Bag lady…let it go

Riding down abercorn heading to Ramsey apartments Monica contemplated her next move she wondered where Sean was. The very thought of him catching her made her hairs stand up in here arms. She thought maybe he had contacted shay.

“Girl have you talked to Sean’s ass? Cuz I know he looking for me.

“Naw he ain’t called me yet but its only 7 sumn he’ll be blowing up my phone soon. I’m just glad he don’t know where I live. He is crazy! Shay said as she rolled some loud up while she swerve in and out of traffic.

“I forgot bout that girl that’s a relief. All i wanna do is take a shower and pop a couple pain pills and go to sleep.” Monica said thinking bout the last couple of hours she running from a man who beat her and pregnant by a man who prolly forgot he fucked her. But some reason she had a gift feeling that her smile was just a couple of more life lessons away. She got the optimism from her grandma, who always trusted god no matter what. Monica never really thought much about god. She knows who he is but never acknowledged his presence in her life, but after all she been through she was willing to maybe see what all the fuss was about.
” shay do you think god knows how bad we struggling out here?” She asked curious if she could have a convo about god with shay. She knew she could ask her about the streets and shay would have a definite answer to that. Life had dealt shay her own stack of cards. Abandoned at 7 from her momma she gave her grandma the worse trouble till she kicked her out and the streets have been her ma and pa Every since.
” I don’t think god has mercy for ppl like us my grandma say different but life has proven her wrong!” She said will exhaling the weed and passing it.
“Girl that nigga tried to kill me back home” Monica said as she hit the blunt. Weed taking effect immediately her body felt a Little more relaxed.

“I tried to tell you to leave that foo alone! Just Cuz he got some money and pretty ass eyes you think he can’t beat yo ass or sumn?