Never thought I would leave my home state. Dreamed about it yeah, life has been fickle. Taking care of an drug addict whom you love so much I’m willing to go without so she won’t have to stoop lower then she already feels yeah sounds crazy don’t it? I been doing since I was able to properly use a broom n mop! Yes I guess u can call me an enabler (sp) or maybe a young boy who learned to grow too fast against his will. Trying to find peace in the mist of the bullshit was my goal! So my first radical move was moving!

Welcome to my life! No pen needed I got too many marks on my body to ever forget!

Time to b honest so get ready! I hope I can handle it my luck nobody will pay attention to these post therefore I don’t have to face judgment from my peers I won’t have explain somethings that will turn heads and make ppl uneasy maybe that will keep me from ever seeing if ppl love me for me or how I want them to love me hmmmmmmm!



This for some reason stayed in my head for a long time!! I was afraid to share because I didn’t want offend anybody..but I can’t help but wonder how true this is! I wonder how scared ppl were back then having to deal with the attacks and threats ect. I winder how many Klan members tortured innocent blacks and whites( the ones that wasn’t racist) then the next day worked alongside a black person or taught our children knowing the hatred is within! If anything they are smooth criminals getting away with murdering people!! The government knows their motives n have yet to fully shut down or atop this organization!! What do think????(anybody?)

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That feeling you get

Been Feeling lonely lately haven’t posted n a minute because my mind been busy lately not only have I moved from Indianapolis to savannah Georgia but every plan that I had before I left my door step back at home has been foiled! I trust god with everything I have in me and with that alone fueled my journey! Somehow loneliness is clouding my mind! I came to far to let my own thoughts stop my tracks! Maybe if I had a friend like I did back home that truly knows me to cheer me up unfortunately Im not in the open my life up mood down in savannah so I guess my loneliness is my own fault! I’m kinda scared to show ppl here the real me because then I allow myself to be weak n if I meet the wrong person that can cripple me later or am I robbing myself?

N yes that’s a question!
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Was all that fighting for nothing?

Trouble you don’t know trouble….. You think getting caught wit a gun or weed getting u in trouble!!!!! Try getting killed for opening your mouth out of turn…..10 whips for being caught speaking educated.. 5 whips for speaking your mind you talking bout some fucking trouble…you having baby’s by all these different ppl and u think that’s Wassup well try having your seed claimed before its even planted try wishing for a better life for your child and the white mans wish beat your by a landslide and u wanna shake ya ass will trying having that ass passed to one slave owner to another wake up yall death been knocking at our doors and know its off the hinges!! I’m who I am because of words prayed by my ancestors!


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The Four Letter Word We Say And Why We Should Drop It

I wish I could have talked to this author very gifted mind!!! I learned a lot from this blog/blogger because I’m guilty of saying that 4 letter word wayyyy too often

Ask Namjeev

I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a swear word but it should be. This four letter word has so many different meanings that it literally means something different to each person we meet. It has different contexts when used at work, in friendships, family, dating and long term relationships. This also goes along with what I said in What Really Ends Any Relationship about communication.

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